Stacey Shawntee Arcangel  - Professional Psychic Consultant ~ Intuitive Investigator
Spiritual Tools & Healing Essential Oil Blends at my Divine Apothecary Shop

I began creating wonderful Gem Infused Elixir fragrances, Medicinal blends and many other items that all have spiritual properties. I've studied and used gemstones, essential oils and flowers for many years earning me the title of "Apothecary" from friends and family!

I also have a variety of Empowerment kits that feature Gemstones.

These amazing creations are available through my Divine Apothecary Shop on Etsy. 

I believe that gemstones, crystals and essential oils are amazing tools that can assist you along your healing and spiritual path. They can assist to raise your vibration, clear out negative energies and many other things!

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